King James was born in Scotland in 1566 as the only son of Mary Queen of Scots.  His father was killed when he was 8 months old.  When he was 13 months old, his mother was forced to abdicate the throne because of her pro-Catholic stance, her immorality, and her frequent affairs.  The preachers who had loudly condemned his mother, later praised the son for his virtuous life.  His life continued to be dramatic.  He survived 2 kidnappings as a child and later survived 4 assassination attempts.

Allegations about him being homosexual did not arise until 25 years after his death and one year after the beheading of his son.  The first accusation was made by Weldon, a displaced knight.  It was not until another whole generation had passed and all that had known him were gone, that these accusations started to catch hold.

These accusations were supported by 3 groups.

  1. Those who had lost their status or families under King James.

  2. The Roman Catholics who opposed his pro-protestant stand.

  3. Those who were against the uniting of England and Scotland under the same throne.

All of them had a bias.

Today there are 2 groups who support these accusations.

  1. The homosexual activists who also call Christ, David, Jonathan, Lincoln and Shakespeare homosexual.  Sometimes even evangelical Christians will quote their books, but they leave out the chapter that also called Christ a homosexual.

  2. Those who want to strengthen their position against the King James Authorized Version.  For example, the Moody Monthly article, "The Real King James", says that King James was a homosexual.  However, they provide no proof, stating only that some historians have reported it.

Those who claim that people were afraid to speak up against him while he was alive forget how the preachers preached loudly and boldly against his mother's and his son's adulteries.  Neither generation preached against  King James.  Instead they praised him.  His courtesan, Wooten, wrote praise about his virtue.  Although mistresses were very common in courts in his day, there were none in his.  Because of this, they claim proof of his homosexuality.  They forget that a moral man would not have had mistresses.  The leader of the Supreme Court, who was removed by King James and a critic of the King, praised his morality.  Sir Arthur Wilson, a historian who wanted to abolish monarchy, wrote that his life was decidedly pure.  Bishop Goodman, who openly preached about the immorality of the higher ups and was removed from office, wrote that he was a moral man.  There is a lot of proof to support his morality, but none to support his immorality.

Even his own writings support his morality.  King James wrote a book, The Kingly Gift, on how kings should behave.  In it he listed four crimes for which there was no pardon and the perpetrator should be executed.  These were murder, witchcraft, child molestation, and homosexuality.  In fact, when he was given a list of criminals and asked by parliament to pardon them, he granted pardons to all, except the homosexuals.  He called homosexuality "the Horrible Crime" and constantly called for the death penalty for homosexuals.  Later when the NIV Bible was written, there were 2 homosexuals on the committee.  They felt it necessary to water down all the verses against homosexuality.

King James was openly affectionate to his queen in public.  He spent much time with her.  He wrote many poems and sonnets to her.  In a letter he openly admits that he married her for her position, that of a King's daughter, but that now he wouldn't care who she was, he would still love her.

He wrote to his son on the importance of being moral before marriage.  He said that what you give you owe to your wife.  He told him to keep his body clean and unpolluted, and that his body belonged to his wife.

Only 2 monarchs taught morality - King James and Queen Victoria.  Today if you believe in morality your are labeled "old fashioned" and "Victorian."  The film Mrs. Brown was about Queen Victoria.  It was also full of lies.  When her husband died she mourned for one year.  Brown was her coachman and she stated that he did a lot to lift her mood.  There is no proof of any impropriety.

Before pronouncing that certain actions were homosexual, one must look at the customs of the time.  The king's bed was 16 feet wide.  It was a normal thing for a King to sleep with his body guards.  Henry VIII did, too.  If we had had to survive 2 kidnappings and 4 assassination attempts, we might be tempted to sleep with body guards in the bed too.  The words "sweetheart" and "darling" were commonly used - much like the way black women today (and even white women now) use the word "girlfriend."  Kissing one another on the cheek was a French custom.  Even the Bible says to greet one another with a holy kiss.  Erasmus wrote about England, stating that kisses were in abundance when you come and when you go.  He is accused of leaning on men.  Yes, he did.  He had trouble with his legs and sometimes couldn't even get out of the bed.

King James wrote a lot.  He was fluent in Greek, French, and Latin, and was considered to be a great scholar.  In his writings, he refers to regeneration by faith and claimed to be saved.  He was recognized by others around him as saved.  He was sworn at by witches.  He wrote against smoking, and was called "His Sacred Majesty."

An incident with his servant, John Gibb, is an example of his morality.  The King thought Gibb had lost some important papers.  He yelled at him and kicked him in public.  Later he realized that he, himself, had lost the papers.  He recalled the court, bowed down to his servant, and begged his forgiveness.

It was King James who united England and Scotland under one flag and it was King James who sponsored the colonies in America.  It was the United States and the United Kingdom who stopped the Nazis and the spread of communism.  King James made it possible.