Long ago, when the Roman Empire was at the height of her glory, a common saying was "All Roads Lead to Rome." I want to tell you about a very special road - about a road that existed then and still exists now. This road, now almost 2000 years old, has never led to Rome and yet, strangely enough, it is called the Romans Road.

The Apostle Paul described all the landmarks along this road in an open letter to the Romans of his day. In his letter he pointed out that it is crucial for every man, woman, boy, or girl to travel down this road at some point in his or her lifetime. The eternal destiny of every soul on earth, even today, hangs on the decisions made while traveling down this road. For those who make the right decisions, the road can be very short, but for those make the wrong turns, it can be very long and very, very dangerous.

Please allow me to point out the highlights of Paul's letter and then you can read it for yourself. The Romans Road is always best traveled with a guide who knows the way well, for it leads to... Well, let me show you.


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